Augie's 45 RPM Records
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Record condition and corresponding price shown on the website refer to the record sampled at the time of the listing. Condition and corresponding price of the specific record purchased may vary.  Kindly let us know if you prefer records only in a certain condition.

Record Grading and Codes

GRADING: When the records are first put on the site, they are graded visually.  However, before being mailed out, we try our best to listen to each and every selection to ensure that the sound is, at least, on the same level as the visual grading. This is another reason why we ask that no money be sent until we confirm availability.  The stated condition refers to the record only.  When a picture sleeve is included (+PS) the sleeve is ungraded.  However, we will not include a picture sleeve unless the condition is VG or better.

Not For Sale (NFS), Picture Sleeve (PS), Promotion Record (Promo), For Radio Use Only (Radio), For Disc Jockey (DJ)

Promotional issue (PROMO) may include records marked "Promo" as well as records marked with special promotional "Not For Sale NFS," "Dee Jay Copy DJ" markings. Punch Outs (PO) are small holes in labels that have no affect on how a record plays. Remake (RE) Boot (B)  Internal Codes For staff only: +, #, ~

Please email any questions/problems to: